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Dimensioned Floor Plans

Dimensioned Floor Plans are designed to provide unparalleled accuracy for all your project needs. This service delivers meticulously detailed floor plans with 99% measurement accuracy, ensuring you have precise measurements and comprehensive data at your fingertips. With the Dimensioned Floor Plan, you receive accurate quantities and dimensions of walls, doors, openings, windows, and counters, along with precise ceiling and window sill heights. Additionally, it includes square footage calculations for floors, walls, and countertops, as well as linear wall lengths.

This product is perfect for a range of applications such as estimating and takeoffs, providing accurate measurements for project bids, supporting sales and bidding with precise data, meeting permitting requirements with exact dimensions, documenting existing conditions accurately, and facilitating drafting and remodeling without the need for complex design software. It also serves as detailed as-built documentation for completed work.

The Dimensioned Floor Plan is ideal for remodelers who want to streamline their renovation projects with precise, ready-to-use floor plans, interior designers looking to create stunning, well-measured designs for their clients, architects who need exact dimensions and detailed documentation to simplify their workflow, and builders who require reliable floor plans to improve accuracy in planning and construction.

Our Dimensioned Floor Plan service is competitively priced at just 45¢ per square foot, offering the dimensional accuracy you need without breaking the bank. Elevate your project planning and execution with our Dimensioned Floor Plan service. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your scan!

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