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NPT 5¢ per sq ft promotion

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Immersive Spaces is proud to partner with New Path Title in providing New Path Title Realtor customers the highest quality 3D virtual tours at the unbelievably low price of just 5¢ per square foot. You can also add a digital floor plan for just $15! To take advantage of this promotional rate, simply click the link to schedule your session.

Sample Matterport 3D Virtual Tour

The Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is simply the most engaging way to experience your listing online.

Sample Matterport 2D Schematic Floor Plan

Matterport Floor Plan


Various factors contribute to the length of a capture session including layout, furniture, and the presence of people during the session. Generally speaking you can expect your appointment to take approximately 45 minutes per 1000 sq ft. If residents/pets are present, in our experience, you can safely add an additional 1 hour to your appointment time.

Our Preparing for Your Capture Session guide will help you and your homeowner with tips and tricks to getting the most out of your capture session. You can download it here.

5¢ Per Sq Ft promotional models are hosted for the duration of your active listing.

Your virtual tour will be emailed to you typically within 1-2 business days. Included in your email are links for general sharing, MLS, as well as Virtual Reality. Floor plans are delivered in 2-3 business days or less.

Invoices are generated once your project has been processed. Your invoice will itemize your virtual tour and add-on items.

Your Matterport 3D virtual tour capture session is calculated based on the total square footage of the property “under air” as reported by county tax authorities. This total square footage is then multiplied by 5¢ to get your session rate. Matterport generated floor plans are a flat $15 and do not include Realtor branding. 

For example, a home with a reported under air sq footage of 2400 sq ft would be $120 (2400 sq ft x $0.05 = $120).

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Properties that are marketed with professional photos sell up to 3 weeks faster than homes marketed with DIY photos.

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Homes marketed with professional photos command a selling premium of up to 5% more – thats a huge premium to your sellers.

Attract New Listings

Realtors who market with professional imaging attract more sellers.

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